Independent Sheriff

Jim Harrison

McHenry County needs a Sheriff who is independent of external political forces; a Sheriff who will withstand the temptation of party politics, special interests and political stakeholders.  As McHenry County’s First Independent Sheriff, I will remove the political agenda from the Sheriff’s Office and restore the agenda of the people …

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Jim Harrison’s History


My family came to McHenry County in 1895 when my great-grandfather purchased property on the west side of Pistakee Bay in what is now the Village of Johnsburg.  The property, later developed by my grandparents, became known as “Pink Harrison’s Resort” and operated for over 75 years in McHenry County.  …

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Jim Harrison’s Resume

Civil Rights Professor

The November 4th McHenry County Sheriff’s Election will be decided by the skill-set each candidate brings to the table.  This calls for McHenry County voters to compare the knowledge, education and experience of both candidates.  When their resumes are placed side-by-side, there is no comparison ~ there’s only Jim Harrison!   …

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